i'm like a bird, i wanna fly away

I got into backyard birding after I moved into our house and.. surprise! Got a backyard. We have a fig tree that attracts a bunch of birds throughout the year to feast on the fruit and seeds. I have 2 hummingbird feeders that I hang up. Hummingbirds are my favorite, and I have a resident male costas that hangs out in my backyard pretty often. I named him Zippy. There are 3 others that he loves to chase away from the feeder.
Birding is a really fun hobby. I love being able to identify the birds that I see around town. I live in the desert and most people have the idea that it is a truly barren wasteland with no wildlife, and that couldn't be farther from the truth. I wanted to document how many different species I was spotting. I haven't gone out birding in a couple months because of the weather change (it's so freaking hot!) but I can't wait until autumn to get back in the field.

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Useful Links: BirdandHike.com - Birding Around Las Vegas // Birding Nevada FB group // LV Urban Birders FB group // Red Rock Audubon Society
birds i've photographed
house finch snowy egret white-crowned sparrow
say's phoebe great-tailed grackle greater yellowlegs
killdeer american coot green wing teal
northern shoveler anna's hummingbird costa's hummingbird
orange crowned warbler audobon's yellow rumped warbler abert's towhee (front)
american robin northern mockingbird raven
western bluebird phainopepla ruby-crowned kinglet
verdin bufflehead cinnamon teal
gambel's quail burrowing owl bullock's oriole
night heron redhead ring-billed gull