tim burton's lost vegas
Lost Vegas: Tim Burton was an art exhibition by Tim Burton at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States. The exhibition ran from October 15, 2019 through February 15, 2020. It was Burton's first American exhibition since 2009. A virtual tour of Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @ The Neon Museum, led by Neon Museum education specialist Mitch Cohen, will be broadcast on the Neon Museum’s Facebook Live. After the rare Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @ The Neon Museum exhibit “finishes its run” online, the exhibit’s first-ever livestream broadcast will remain on the Neon Museum’s Facebook (in the videos section) for anyone to see.

In addition to being the first U.S. showcase of original artworks by Burton in nearly a decade, the Las Vegas exhibition also marks the first time some of these pieces have been showcased anywhere, because Burton created various sculptures and installations specifically for the Las Vegas exhibition. According to the Neon Museum’s website, the exhibit “reflect[s] on Burton’s creative legacy,” with large-scale artworks (both new and previously displayed) featured throughout the museum’s indoor and outdoor spaces. For Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @ The Neon Museum, Burton’s artworks were positioned alongside the museum’s antique sign collection in the Neon Boneyard, an open-air portion of the 2.62-acre property where old neon signs are preserved and displayed. (Burton featured the museum’s Boneyard during a memorable sequence in his 1996 comedy Mars Attacks.)

all photographs are © shelly rae, fairytrash.neocities.org