here are some goodies that i've collected from around the weird world wide web to help get you into the spooky spirit! on this page you will find games, recipes, diys and more.
games on my website

Pikaboo - broken. she's supossed to follow your mouse :(
graphics for your site
viewer beware, this page is graphic heavy and has flashing lights...
click here for ghoulish graphics
recipes for sweet treats to eat
most of these recipes come from - she has the coolest halloween recipes!
the original raw meat rice krispy treats
edible entrails
pumpkin cheesecake truffles
count chocula chip cookies
cinna-bite hellraiser brownies
cookies & cream tombstone cookies
chocolate peanut butter cookie cake
vegan charred remains
severed fingers
marshmallow cheesecake
sugar cube skulls
bloody orange julius
pumpkin deviled eggs
chocolate filled pumpkins
ghost pizza bagels
dracula dentures
ghost smores dip
graveyard chicken enchilada dip
jack-o-lantern quesadillas
mummy meatballs
jack-o-lantern bowls
pumpkin patch brownies
hocus pocus smores pops
cobweb brownies
pumpkin spice cupcakes
reeses explosion cake

diy or die
creepy crafts to keep your hands busy.
vintage halloween boxes
resources used to make this website
halloween trick or treating game halloween card matching game dance frank dance happy halloween pikaboo follows you