the bass, the beats, the melody

i have been using to track the music that i listened to since it was audioscrobbler back in the early 00's. i got really heavily into the app when i discovered that you could hook it up to your spotify account. that's when i made my current username that has been tracking music since april 2010. i love seeing how my tastes change over the years, and which artists and songs are actually my favorite. i hightly reccomend the site to anyone who is interested in music.
2017 in music
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double dare - waterparks
creature feature
american gothic - creature feature
the black belles
the black belles - the black belles
lil peep
come over when you're sober part 1 - lil peep
florence and the machine
converting vegetarians 2 - infected mushroom
younger now - miley cyrus
mindless self indulgence
beyond the valley of the murderdolls - murderdolls
infected mushroom
if - mindless self indulgence
miley cyrus
kaskade christmas - kaskade
the birthday massacre
melodrama - lorde
under your spell - the birthday massacre
moana soundtrack - mark mancina