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Here you will find buttons that you can use to link back to my site if you enjoy my page, links to my friends websites and pages that I follow on Neocities, and links to the websites that I utilize for resources, codes, etc.
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Here are some buttons that link out to some other fun and pretty websites I have discovered while browsing around here on Neocities.
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Other Sites I enjoy
credits & resources
Neopets Petpage CSS:
Silent Serenity

Other Layout Websites:
Almost Sweet

Other Useful & Fun Links:
RV's Free Javascript/DHTML Effects // Kaleidoscope Painter // The Font Factory // VQGAN+CLIP by Katherine Crowson // Trix: Rich text editor // Tamagotchi MyMeets // GIF Cities // Mark Zuckerberg's Angelfire // Candy Heart Maker // License Plate Maker // Label Maker // Internet Bumper Stickers // My 90s TV // What The Fuck Should I Listen To Right Now? // MissMoss' shelves // Never-ending Chart Rendering // restorativland // myspace music archive // Goosebumps // Bubblegum Dancer // Metal Mike Saunders for the Village Voice // Cameron's World

Adventures / Places / Lifestyle sites:
Cinder Peak Phone // Andrea Wolfe's 'Open All Night' Mojave Phone Booth page // Desert Tripper // It's Out There // Mission: Hang It Up // McFame: A follow-up to Mission: Hang It Up // Simbajak's Visit to the Booth // Busses by the Booth // Angel's Kitchen // Zine: *Cash Register Alert* // The Museum of Hoaxes // Pressed Penny Collecting // Timothy Leary's website