we're cheetah girls, cheetah sisters


aka momo, nemo, mimi. birthday: september 2nd 2013
molly is my girlfriend cat. she and i are best friends. her favorite thing is to lay in the bed with her head resting on my shoulder. she likes to throw fits by scratching the carpet when you tell her no. she gets the cutest puss n boots eyes! i love her so much. i cannot imagine my life without her. i am convinced she was born just to be my baby. she was the first born in her litter, and the only calico (which i wanted). i got her a few months after my mother died, so i see her as like a guardian angel in a way.


aka baby lulu, gooseberry pickle. birthday: january 22nd 2014
lucy is molly's sister, but from another litter. she loves when my boyfriend, and demands all the attention she can from him. she's the biggest one, but she's on a diet, don't worry. her favorite things to do are eat (she will steal everybodys food) & to get her ass wiped with a wet rag every single morning. she begs for it. what a goof.


aka peeko, pixie, baby bingles, meeko. adopted: january 2015
pixel was abandoned by her owner in my last apartment complex. i tried to find a home for her, but no one wanted her. i'm so glad she's mine. she's like half my other cats size! a mini cat. she likes to beg me for everything i have. but she's so tiny and small, so i give her everything she wants. my warm jacket? my space in the bed? all hers.