jello & welcome to FΔIRYTRΔSH! my own little personal corner of the world wide web. i created this webpage on december 14th 2017 after my long-time internet pal, lulu, suggested it to me. the internet is very stuffy and uncomfortable these days. all of the webpages are starting to look the same. corporations are in control of what we see, when we see it, and how we feel about it. i don't like it. i'm so happy to have a place that's my very own.
i've been addicted to the internet since the very first time i signed into AOL via a friends dialup modem. i have fond memories of using my neighbors webtv to chat with users around the country. i met my first internet best friend thanks to an aim chatroom for neopets, and we are still in contact today. my external hard drive is full of old graphics i would use to customize my various pages (neopets, livejournal, myspace, etc). this webpage is where i get to show them off and express myself.
i don't really know how to code a website, i just pick apart the various css files i've saved over the years and mash them together to make something that is visually appealing to me. my aesthetic is often that of a young child. my website looks like a rainbow threw up on it, but thats how i like it

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past layouts

est. summer 2021 - early 2022 i've had a few layouts in the years leading up to 2021, but this was my first cohesive theme
recent updates
February 8th 2022: added fanart, no stickypaws!!!
February 2nd 2022: the yum-yum shoppe is officially open!
January 31st 2022: finally created a webgarden!
January 30th 2022: added beanie baby page
January 29th 2022: brand new pastel layout!
August 28th 2021: added the rainbow bridge
August 23rd 2021: changed site url from holographic to fairytrash
August 14th 2021: added a halloween "shrine"
July 30th 2021: added a hummingbird page
July 29th 2021: added a birding page
July 28th 2021: added a blog, thanks zonelets!
July 27th 2021: updated most of the site to the 2.0 layout
July 24th 2021: made a page for my wishlist
other fun stuff
credits for the pixel cloud "curtain" headers and footers:

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