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Websites, past and present, that were important to the California rave scene when I was partying.
My LA rave flyers album 1999-2005
My LA rave flyers album 2006 forward
Rave Preservation Project
Nocturnal Wonderland site archive
Electric Daisy Carnival archive
SuPeR K's SuPeRSiTe! -.-' CaNdYCaPs CoNVeRTeR
sPiN! sPiN! SuPeR! radio show

News Articles

other links, news articles, stories etc that i find important to the archival of our moments in time, either shared by my generation, or the previous ones

These Photos Tell the Forgotten Story of LA's Latinx Rave Scene in the 90s - We talk to Map Pointz founder Guadalupe Rosales about the party crews that gave teens a sense of belonging beyond gang culture.
'Why Don't We All Go Bonkers?' – The Rise and Fall of Happy Hardcore - DJs, producers and the scene's major players tell the full story of dance music's most divisive genre.
HAPPY HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE: AN ODE TO THE BONKERS SERIES - Greeted with both derision and delight from the outset, the cartoonish covers and soundtrack of happy hardcore’s defining, and to some damning, Bonkers series were vital for a generation that grew up in small UK towns during the ‘90s. A decade after the last edition, Joe Roberts presents an ode to how Bonkers’ hyper, overblown sounds ushered in a new era, switching things up several gears...

Documentaries & Videos

Better Living Through Circuitry
The Last Dance
The Untold Story of American Rave Fliers
Anabolic Frolic the Hullabaloo Experience
Hullabaloo: View to a Thrill
American Massive
Small Town Ecstasy
Under the Electric Sky