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Letters from the Road

Fi's seen a lot of weird stuff on the road with her family! Here are some of her emails.
PS: These stories are fictional and were created as episodes of a paranormal TV show back at the end of the 90s. All credit belongs to their writers at Disney.

Shiloh National Park, Tennessee

Hello cyberfriends,

IT'S FINALLY VACATION TIME! (That's what you call it when two gigs in a row get canceled.) Irene wants to go to a spa and soak her face in the mudbaths, but mom (as usual) has got her heart set on returning to Nature, so we're going to try camping out at the national park in Shiloh (it's in Tennessee, on the way to Nashville). Mom's big on roughing it, so if anybody's got any tips on building fires from scratch, send 'em PRONTO!

Hello Weird Lovers,

Guess what? Looks like Bigfoot isn't just in the Pacific Northwest! I mean, I knew there had been sightings of ape-like creatures all over the world (the Yowie, the orang-pendek, etc.) but I really thought Washington state had a monopoly in the USA. But while we were camping at Shiloh National Park, a Bigfoot (I guess there must be lots of them) saved me from going over a cliff... and that wasn't even the weirdest part! After that, he led me back to this cave where he showed me the bones of a Union soldier. I read in the soldier's diary that this same Bigfoot had saved HIM, too -- or tried to. The soldier died of his wounds trying to protect Bigfoot from being discovered by others who might have hurt him. I sent the soldier's locket back to his descendants in Pennsylvania (THAT took some research to track down!), but there are still lots of unanswered questions: How long do Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) live, anyway? And how many of them are there? If there are lots of them, does that mean they have families? Send me your guesses, guys, but don't ask me what I did with the soldier's diary. I guess that one's MY secret.


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