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Letters from the Road

Fi's seen a lot of weird stuff on the road with her family! Here are some of her emails.
PS: These stories are fictional and were created as episodes of a paranormal TV show back at the end of the 90s. All credit belongs to their writers at Disney.

St. George, South Carolina

Hey surfbuds,

We're headin' South, assuming the bus makes it that far. It's been overheating like every 50 miles, and Ned can't figure out what the problem is. Right now the destination is Charleston; Irene is trying to book mom a gig there so that we can earn enough money to pay for the repair at the Eagle dealership. SUCH IS LIFE ON THE ROAD! Poor mom -- the gigs have been going late and she's been totally zonked -- half the time she conks out on my bed. I don't mind the snoring; I just wish she wouldn't drool on my pillow!!

Hey guys,

I got these weird e-mails on our way to Charleston; Mom was right there with me so she let me reply even though I didn't know who they were from (that's the law in our house, well, in our bus). It turned out this girl in a coma was sending out messages through her EEG onto the Internet, courtesy of this freak short in the wiring at the hospital that put her through to some Ethernet cable they were installing. The girl gave us an address that led us to her mom and aunt, in St. George. They were WAY skeptical at first, but agreed to take us to see Kamilah (that's the girl's name) and her doctor at the hospital. That's where we saw the short in the wiring. It turned out Kamilah had been lost inside this image of St. George, inside her own mind, ever since she'd gone into the coma 14 years ago. Jack and Clu went out into the town to find us landmarks, and we were able to lead her "home." I wasn't 100% sure it would work, but when she got home, Kamilah WOKE UP!! They say it's going to take a while before she can fully function again, but if she could send us those messages, she must really be in there. WAY TO GO, KAMILAH!!


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