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Letters from the Road

Fi's seen a lot of weird stuff on the road with her family! Here are some of her emails.
PS: These stories are fictional and were created as episodes of a paranormal TV show back at the end of the 90s. All credit belongs to their writers at Disney.

Marfa, Texas

Hail netfellows,

Howdy y'all - we're moseyin' down to Texas - Marfa, Texas. Yes, in a rare intersection between Music and Weirdness, Mom has been named GRAND MARSHALL of the Marfa Texas Annual Music Festival. As you know (if you're up on your para-electrical phenomena) Marfa is home to the Marfa Ghost Lights, these weird lights that lots of people have seen dancing in the darkness in front of the Chianti mountains. Some people say they're alive, some say they're alien ships, some say they're just headlights on the highway. I don't actually think they're weird at all; I think they're piezo-electricity - that's the same kind of stuff you see if you go in a dark closet and crunch down on one of those wintergreen breath mints. (It's a kind of static electricity generated when you grind up crystals.) But who knows - these kind of lights have been reported all over the world: there's California's "Bornego Ghost Lights," Chicago's "Ghost Lights of Maple Lake" and even the Longendale Lights in England. So maybe some weirdness will turn up after all.


I need you guys right now (especially you, Candy - we're coming home and I need to TALK to you face-to-face for like a year). Something happened…I'm not sure I understand it all. We were in Marfa, Texas, looking for those Ghost Lights I told you guys about, the ones I thought were nothing supernatural. Well, I was WAY wrong. One of those lights - I guess it was a Will o' the Wisp - took over Jack's body. I guessed it wasn't him pretty quickly (the thing made him talk with a Scottish accent and it did NOT know how to work a human body), but when I tried to tell Mom the thing flicked us into this limbo-type place it called the Nexus. It wanted to practice being Jack (it ran all these moments from his life on this big screen, like it was watching Jack on TV), and told me the only way to get rid of it was to guess it's One True Name. Which would have been impossible, of course…without a computer. I used this program Jack wrote to guess every 7 letter combination there is, and the thing's name turned out to be Bricriu (he's kind of famous in Celtic mythology, actually). But when he knew I was going to win, he started saying this really scary stuff - stuff about how these things in the Spirit World know about me, about what I'm doing, "sniffing around". I mean, all I've been trying to do is prove there's some reality deeper than the one we see, by seeing how all the weird stuff in the world could be connected. Am I on some bigger mission I don't even KNOW about? But then it got worse - right before the end, Bricriu said that if I let him keep my brother's body, he'd let me talk to my dad. I didn't know if he was lying - he'd lied all along - I wanted to believe it, and he knew that (I HATED him for knowing it). Is my dad really out there? Could I have talked to him if I'd stopped the computer? Bricriu said there were things my dad wants me to know, that I NEED to know. Was it all lies? WAS IT ALL LIES????????? I'm sorry, you guys, I think maybe I'll go off-line for a while. I need to think about this. Good bye.


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