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Fi's seen a lot of weird stuff on the road with her family! Here are some of her favorite weird stories.
PS: These stories are fictional and were created as episodes of a paranormal TV show back at the end of the 90s. All credit belongs to their writers at Disney.


Can people live forever? At the moment, the oldest living person is Sarah Knauss, who's 118. Now, as amazing as it is that Sarah was born when Rutherford B. Hayes was president, and that she has a 73-year-old grandson, 118 is still way short of forever. Even with all the recent advancements in medical science, the Baby Boomers will still be lucky to break an even 100.

Now, we're not talking about the immortal soul here -- plenty of cultures and religions have had beliefs that the soul goes on forever (that's why the Egyptians buried their pharaohs with all those goodies for the next world) -- but about a living human being going on for centuries or millenia. A lot of people have looked for the secret to immortality, with maybe the most famous being Juan Ponce de Leon, the Spanish explorer. The Native Americans told Ponce stories about an island called Bimini, located somewhere north of Cuba, where he could supposedly find a "fountain of youth" -- a spring whose waters could restore youth.

Ponce bought the whole thing, and mounted an expedition to find Bimini. As luck would have it, he found Florida instead, and the Native Americans there weren't happy to see him. Ponce de Leon was so severely wounded in the fighting, in fact, that he died shortly after retreating to Cuba. I don't know -- seems like there's a lesson in there somewhere. I like what this one philosopher said on the subject: "Immortality is based on the timeless quality of love." I think that means that we can live forever in the hearts of those who love us. That's good enough for me.


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