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Season 1 Bloopers

Episode 1: Family Reunion: Teryl Rothery plays Irene Bell for the first and last time. This is also the first time that Irene has brown hair. The club manager is also the same man who played James Garr in the pisode "James Garr". Fi's computer explodes in one scene. Later, at the show's near end, she says to her mom, "So, about my computer..." like they need to buy a new one. But in all subsequent eps. ,there's no mention of Fi getting a new computer or rebuilding her website.

Episode 7: Angel: In the beginning, you see the bus on the left side of the road... that's the wrong side

Episode 9: Rebecca: At the time So Weird premiered, the official web site stated that Fi was 14, when she says she is 13 during this episode.

Episode 12: Lost: When Molly is talking to Jack on the phone (when he's at the Princess Theatre), she tells him to look to the left, but on the screen, it says to look right

Episode 13: Will o the Wisp: When Fiona is hugging Jack after Brickru is out of him, she is hugging around his stomach but when Jack gives a look at Molly, then the camera goes behind him and Fiona is around his next and it didn't look like she moved When Fiona looks up things about what took over Jack, She types "Scotland" insted of "Ireland". In Destiny, Fi says, "Now if I say your name, you'll go back to the nexus." But in this ep there is no mention of that if Fi says Bricrui's name, he will go to the Nexus. So how could Fi have been sure?

Season 2 Bloopers

Episode 18: Listen: When Molly tells Carey that he is going to perform with her, he goes to change; as he's running off the bus (After changing) he is wearing flip-flops, but when he arrives on stage, he's wearing shoes.

Episode 19: Mutiny: Fiona has a sock on her hand in one second and then its gone in the frame. Fiona was carrying the wood for some time on the pier, why doesn't she change?

Episode 22: Second Generation: In a wide shot of the backyard, Jack does not appear to be in the pool. There are no pool noises when he is swimming.

Episode 26: Fountain: Everyone says Fi is sent back by a soda fountain. It's not the fountain, it's a cup of hot chocolate. Molly asks "How did you know your father danced with you?" but when Fi was a baby, she taped Fiona. When Fi, as a 12 year old, is trying to get back inside, she's on the OUTSIDE of the door. When she turns to 9 year old, she's on the INSIDE.

Episode 27: Fall: At the end of episode 25, Strange Geometry, Fi gets mad at her mom. In the next ep., #26 Fountain, she is (as it seems) on good terms with Molly. And now, in number 27 Fall, she acts like she still hasn't spoken to her Mom!

Episode 28: Destiny: After Molly is possesed, Fiona points out that Molly has a performance TOMMOROW NIGHT. The deal is 24 hours, and Bricrui must leave Molly. Tommorow Night had already been 24, but Bricrui remains. Then after that performance a day passes, and it's night again when the warehouse is on fire. That's 48 hours!

Episode 32: Troll: Astrid points out that St. Paul, MN, used to be named "Pig's Eye", when it was really named "Pig's Eye Landing"

Episode 33: Fathom: When Lal and Molly are at the pool you see Lal covering his arm with his jacket since he is turning back into merman but right before he puts his arm in the water you see its a normal arm not a scaly arm as you see in the next scene

Episode 35: Vampire: In this episode the vampire Jake tells Molly that he likes Molly's old song Origami then later she decides to add it to the list to play at her concert and saying how she forgot about it when Molly played Origiami in the episode "Fathom" which came out before Vampire This is defintely a goof unless Molly has short term memory

Episode 36: Shelter: After this episode, what happens to Peabrain the Cat? When did Jack get his drivers license? He failed in the episode "Drive."

Episode 37: Encore: A lot of the things Molly "remembers" during in the darkness are things she didn't see - the vampires in Vampire (she was under a spell), and such.

Season 3 Bloopers

Episode 42: Detention: Where does Annie's flute go during the whole middle of the episode, while they're in 1974?

Episode 45: Banglebye: At the end of the episode you see that when he is making Banglebye 2 he is only making CDs but Jack and Clu are paying game boys.

Episode 46: Rewind: Wouldn't anyone in the studio see the yellow light coming from the Mom's hands? Also, how did she get the voice-stealing power?

Episode 48: Carnival: Hector becomes a rock-solid sculpture. So why is everyone else who was changed become a live, moving thing? Also, it's said that they change based on who they were acting like when they were looking in the mirror (example, Carey). Jack never acts psychic. Irene just says "cut it out guys", and we don't see Molly or Ned. But still those we saw did not act like what they became except for Carey!

Episode 51: Changeling: At one point, the changling baby looks big, then later when he was in the crib, he is much smaller.

Episode 53: Still Life: A ceiling leak could not drip across the ceiling and down the wall! Besides, it was only dripping water. In the painting, it's pouring rain, and also as the camera looks at the painting, there's water gushing down the painting - more than was leaking from the ceiling! How did Perry get into his own painting?

Episode 54: Grave Mistake: When the cereal supposedly spells out You're Dead, the camera is right above the bowl looking at it, along with all the cast members. When the camera angle changes though, and shows all the cast members looking at the bowl, you see it's piled high with cereal, and couldn't have a few pieces of cereal spelling out words in the milk. Molly says she hadn't talked to Maragret in "About a month". However, we have never even been mentioned about Margaret before. Could she really be that close of a friend?

Episode 58: Meow: In this episode, Molly is allergic to cats. In episode #36 Shelter, the Phillips' owned a cat.

Episode 59: Widows Walk: Annie gets up in the morning of the change, and then Virginia is shown with her hair starting to go red. But Annie is completely old only seconds later! Molly calls, "Night Annie!" and Annie slams her book shut and seems to be going to bed with a light on. Mrs. Hasby says, "tommorow marks fifty years". So that night would be the logical night to make the wish. Annie makes the wish the next day, so the following morning when it comes true is actually fifty years & 1 day.

Episode 62: Mr. Magnetism: Jack turns on the TV, and his PlayStation game is already magically all set up for him to play.

Episode 63: Dead Ringer: At the end of the episode when Annie says "Oh no! look what happened!" she holds the phone up by the reciever like it was glued to the phone, in real life it wouldve have fallen off


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