fi's so weird webpage

a modern shrine to my favorite childhood show


I'm going to post pictures from both the old school original So Weird website from Fi's perspective, and fan-made gifs from the episodes. I am also thinking about eventually adding more "real" cryptid and parapsychology content to this space.

Weird Photos

Fi's Uploads

AlienTortured SoulUFOHaunted Chicago TheatreCrystal BallGhost FootprintsRoad Sign ForetoldDon't Try This At HomeCave PaintingsBigfoot Behind the BushBigfoot in the Cave
Bigfoot Close-UpSkeletonPicture of GremlinGremlin Gets His LaundryGremlins Steal Laptop ComputerGremlins Sabotage MeterHand Becomes BoneBus Goes Through Angel

Annie's Uploads

Road MapEpisode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 7Talking Board
Digital CameraEpisode 10 Quiz


Credit to Imagingings for the css & Credit to Disney Channel for the So Weird pictures.