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Fi's seen a lot of weird stuff on the road with her family! Here are some of her favorite weird stories.
PS: These stories are fictional and were created as episodes of a paranormal TV show back at the end of the 90s. All credit belongs to their writers at Disney.


Ghosts...we've heard the stories about clanking chains, stormy nights, banging doors...all the cliches. But what do we know about what ghosts - if they exist - really want? There are so many stories about ghosts that it's hard to know where to start.

Lately I've been reading about ghosts in England, where they have a lot of them (I think it's the castles - maybe ghosts like drafts.) There's Anne Boleyn, of course; she was one of the wives that Henry the 8th had beheaded; they say she still wanders around the Tower of London looking for her head! (My question: how do you look for your head if your eyes are in the head?) Or in more recent history, there's the night that Lady Churchill (Winston Churchill's wife) stayed at the notoriously haunted Brede house in Sussex, and ran into a ghost that was such a bed-hog that she gave up, let him have the bed, and went to sleep with her sister instead!

They have so many ghosts over there in England that they even have some really good pictures; the most famous one, of course, is the one taken at Raynham Hall, Norfolk, in 1936. It's a picture of a woman - supposedly Dorothy Walpole, a former lady of the manor - coming down the stairs. I'm still working on getting a copy of that photo. It's pretty creepy. Most ghost experts believe that ghosts are human souls that have remained ģearthboundī for some reason, rather than passing on to wherever our souls are supposed to go after they die, usually because they're troubled in some way about the way they died. Does that mean we can help them? Maybe even talk to them about what went wrong? I hope so.


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