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Fi's seen a lot of weird stuff on the road with her family! Here are some of her favorite weird stories.
PS: These stories are fictional and were created as episodes of a paranormal TV show back at the end of the 90s. All credit belongs to their writers at Disney.


Psychokinesis. It's a big word with a pretty simple meaning: the ability to change reality -- move objects, affect the elements, even create matter out of nothing -- using only the power of the mind.

Just like the ladies you see suspended in midair during magic shows, right? Hardly. I've been surfing the Web lately, and I've learned that "PK," as it's called for short, takes all KINDS of manifestations.

There's telekinesis -- that's the classic kind of PK. Levitation counts -- if it's real, not done with poles or wires. So does any kind of ability to slide and move objects or throw them around using the mind.

But then there's people with even stranger abilities, like aerokinetics, who can control air and wind. Powerful AKs can make the wind blow, make a room hot or cold, even suck the breath right out of your lungs! Or how about electrokinetics, who can manipulate electromagnetic forces to turn off the lights, make every appliance come on in your house at once, or even give you a heckuva shock!

I don't know, I think these so-called gifts are all pretty creepy. Even creepier are the people who have them but don't know it, and use them unconsciously. Poltergeists, the classic "mischievous ghosts," aren't really separate entities, but PKs who unconsciously express their angry or whimsical energy using psychokinesis. And strangest of all are tulpas. A tulpa is an actual creature created when a PK concentrates his thoughts to create an imaginary creature. The creature then grows stronger and stronger until it can act on its own. The only person who can control a tulpa is the PK who created it -- and even then it isn't easy!

Well, Mom's calling me to help her rehearse. I'll report back to you when our bus next hits the road.


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