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Letters from the Road

Fi's seen a lot of weird stuff on the road with her family! Here are some of her emails.
PS: These stories are fictional and were created as episodes of a paranormal TV show back at the end of the 90s. All credit belongs to their writers at Disney.

Chicago, Illinois

Hey everybody,

We're on our way to Chicago, the Windy City! Mom's got a gig in this cool club down by the river - I can't wait to get off the bus and go exploring (seems like we've been cooped up in here FOREVER, even though it's only been since the gig in Minneapolis). Jack and Clu have been seeing how loud they can get their guitars (I DREAM in 1-4-5 chords now) and Irene's been going crazy doing the bookings, trying to finish out the year without having us drive all over the country. Mom's been great though - she's so much happier since she stopped writing jingles - and Ned's been cool too, telling us all the places he visited when he was doing his roadie gig for mom and dad back in the Phillips-Kane Band days. (Mom doesn't like to talk about PKB much, because of dad, I guess, but Ned has some GREAT stories.) Anyway, at least I've had time to get my website up to date - I'm still trying to get that photo of the Raynham Hall ghost, and stills from the Patterson footage of Bigfoot - let me know if you guys have any leads!!

Hey cyberbuds,

Well, that old building where Mom had her gig in Chicago turned out to have some real history behind it. Turns out that that's where they took some of the people who drowned in the Eastland disaster in 1915 - have you guys heard of that one? I hadn't. The Eastland was this passenger ship that capsized right there in the harbor; 844 people lost their lives…and one of them - a little kid - APPEARED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME when I was looking around the building! (The building already had a reputation for being haunted, but I guess I was the first person to take it seriously.) I thought he was mad at me - he totalled my laptop (I'm writing this on my new one, which is gonna take me 50 years of allowance to pay off) - but he was just trying to get me to help him. I guess I did, too; I figured out his name, anyway, and now his body is going to be moved to the same place his parents are buried. I guess some people (LIKE JACK!!) would say it's too late to matter anymore, but I know it does matter. I believe love is stronger than anything. Even death.


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