My Personal Stuff

about me - learn about your sparkly webmaster
myspace - a blast from the past
lastfm - my top played songs, artists, and albums since 2010.
music - a collection of playlists that i have curated to help me get through my days
shrines - a really crappy shrines page that i need to re-do
sticker book - a virtual sticker album
wishlist - a running list of all the things i wish to buy
quizzes - old quizzes i took off the wayback
oldweb - blinkies, stamps, userbars.. all the fun old web stuff


my dollz collection - were you even on y2k internet if you didn't dress up dollz?
hamsters - how to care for your (irl) pet hamster
so weird - a modern take on fi's so weird webpage. part fansite, part spooky site
halloween - my favorite holiday!


raves - an ode to raving in the 2000s.
nevada historical markers - a hobby i picked up during quarantine
pictures - pictures from some of the cool places i've visited
aware/indecline - a lil page about the aware graffiti i've seen
birding - all the different birds i've seen
hummingbirds - how to feed hummingbirds, and pictures
ticket stubs - scans of old ticket stubs to movies and concerts


links - link back to me, see my favorite sites, resources, etc

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