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my animal crossing island: seawinkle
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shelf full of everyones favorite bean bag
a sparkledog with a blog that i dont often use
cats rule everything around me
drawings from friends :)
old personalized graphics made just for me :)
my top played songs, artists, and albums since 2010.
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blinkies, stamps, buttons.. all of the fun vintage stuff
old quizzes i took off the wayback
rainbow bridge
memorial to all of my past pets who have left pawprints on my heart
virtual sticker album
a running list of all the things i wish i could buy
yumyum shoppe
a little shopping market for 15x15 pixels


choose your own adventure
photos of all of the birds i have seen since i picked up the hobby
i love taking care of the hummingbirds. here are photos of some of my visitors
ticket stubs
scans of old movie tickets and concert stubs
2000's rave
a page about the raves i used to go to
(manifesto | my raves | fliers | pix | video | music | kandi | links)
nevada markers
cataloging the nevada historical markers that i see when i'm out on my journey
(#115 | #34 | #33 | #190 | #224 | #197 | #116 | #150 | #168 | #41 | #139 | #141 | #37 | #86 | #142 | #56 | #31 | #35 | #270 | #214 | #195 | #140)
public artwork by daniel tanner (rip)
bellagio gardens
a bed of flowers in the city of sin
boulder city bighorns
visit the local herd at hemenway
butterfly habitat
visiting with the butterflies at the springs preserve
california dreamin'
photos from my past life in california
floyd lamb park
aka tule springs, the prettiest park in las vegas
goodsprings, nevada
visiting the real town from fallout new vegas
hoover dam 2016
it's all fun and games until we run out of water
lake mead
hopefully this doesn't dry up soon
las vegas
it's fun to be a tourist in your own city
lifecube project
it's like burning man but square lol
knotts berry farm 2012
america's first theme park
magical nipton, california
small place near the nv/ca border
nelson ghost town
not really a "ghost town", kind of just a collection of old stuff
neon lights, sex appeal
favorite signs (both lit up and in the day) and the nightlife of las vegas
oatman, arizona
old west town off route 66 with a friendly band of burros
red rock canyon
las vegas' backyard
riviera implosion
we don't preserve our history in las vegas, we blow it up
spring mountains
the place where we get snow
tim burton's lost vegas
tim burton takes over the neon boneyard
the slammer
penn jillette's colorful old house was opened to the public at the end of it's lifespan
15th anniversary trip to utah.. we got engaged!
valley of fire
nevada's 1st state park


a blast from the past
how to care for your (irl) pet hamster
(hamster care 101 | species | bin cages | buying a hamster | rainbow bridge | links)
were you even on y2k internet if you didn't dress up dollz?
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my favorite holiday. i needed a list of what i wanted to try to watch this season
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so weird
a modern take on fi's so weird webpage
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